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  1. Exploring Life Changes Thru Nature with Sue Wasserman

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    Writer/Photographer Sue Wasserman

    Inside the Artist’s Studio with Asheville Writer/Photographer Sue Wasserman

    Mountain Made hosts some of the most popular authors and skilled artists and crafts people to be found here in Western North Carolina.  This is why in our continuing series Inside The Artist’s Studio’ we invite them to share their personal experiences and insights as professional artists with our blog readers.


    This month we visited with author and photographer Sue Wasserman. Sue has authored two very popular books: Walk with Me: Exploring Nature’s Wisdom and her newest,  A Moment’s Notice.

    Both are filled with spectacular nature photography and inspiring personal essays.

    Sue has been featured in such local publications such as the Laurel of Asheville:

    “Insightful essays and captivating photographs give readers a sense of natural wonder and beauty as Wasserman experiences them. Wildflowers, butterflies and light reflected on water are some of the discoveries she makes with her “internal GPS,” finding in them lessons in understanding…”