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Carved Pottery by Lin Barber

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Carved Pottery - by Asheville artist Lin Barber

Hand Carved Pottery Bowls and Vases

Mountain Made is happy to present for the first time to the public, ceramic artist Lin Barber.

Lin has been a potter for over 40 years. She creates stoneware pottery that is lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe.

She has taught hand building (a method of making pottery in which the clay is formed into shape using just the hands) at Asheville’s UNC Super Saturday programs over 25 years.

Her elegantly carved pottery pieces are very unique and different. 

Carved Pottery - by Asheville artist Lin Barber

As you might guess, ceramic glazes have always been the most common of pottery decoration.

After all glaze not only adds a beautiful sheen and wonderful colors to ceramic pieces but it also serves as form of protection – preventing liquids from penetrating the pottery’s surface.

Yet another very beautiful yet (overlooked) form of pottery decorating is carving.

Hand carved ceramics are a form of relief art. Chinese porcelain of the classic periods was frequently hand carved.

In carving pottery the artist decorates a bowl by carving or cutting away material from the the body of the piece to create a slightly raised image or relief.

As you can see with Lin’s work her dogwood flowers and oak leaves are carefully carved to make each flower and leaf project just a bit above the pottery background.

Her work would make a wonderful gift for that special woman in your life or for Mom on Mother’s Day.


We invite you to come by and see these wonderful carved pottery pieces for yourself.

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