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Melinda Knies - Owner and manager of Mountain Made, an Asheville Art Gallery
  1. Wire Art – Bonsai Tree Sculptures by Jim Beghtol

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    Wire Art - Bonsai Tree Sculptures by Jim Beghtol

    Wire Trees by Asheville Artist Jim Beghtol

    Today there are many artists that use interesting kinds of materials to make fine artWires are one of the most interesting of forms used in art and Mountain Made artist Jim Beghtol, we believe is master of this craft.

    Jim creates hand crafted copper and steel wire sculpted trees.  His wire sculpted trees are unique and different than anything we have ever seen in WNC.

    Each tree is unique and made from over a 1000 individual strands of wire – twisted by hand using simple tools and creativity. (more…)

  2. Asheville Ceramic Artist Sondra Hastings’ Meditation Plates

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    “Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It’s like the ultimate rest. It’s better than the best sleep you’ve ever had. It’s a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh. ” ~ Hugh Jackman


    Who knew an action movie star could be so eloquent? But as Sondra Hastings says, her hand-held mediation plates were inspired by both modern and ancient mediation techniques.

    In ancient times, people would walk along a labyrinth, in hopes of reaching enlightenment or salvation.

    People also thought of these mediation trails as being symbolic “pilgrimages”, designed to open one’s mind to new possibilities or to calm a restless spirit.

    Sondra started hand molding her “Original Asheville Mediation Plates” about several years ago as way to ease her own mind and body during several tough situations and difficult health issues. (more…)

  3. Ceramic Artists Jean & Carl Saake

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    Asheville Art Demo – Ceramic Artists Jean & Carl Saake

    Saturday at 11 – 4PM

    Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

    Well, master ceramic artists Jean and Carl Saake, who are both in their late 80’s prove that with a  life of artistic dedication, joy and more than a little effort, you can “grow up” and remain a wonderful artist!

    Asheville art demo - ceramic art by jean and carl saake

    Ceramic art by Jean and Carl Saake

    To create their whimsical artwork, Jean first hand molds and sculpts every one of their ceramic fruit pieces or critters and birds. Then Carl hand paints each one and glazes them for firing. (more…)

  4. Cherokee Leaf Pounding Quilts by Asheville Artist Bonnie Lucas


    Cherokee Leaf Pounding Quilts


    Among Asheville artists, Bonnie Lucas is a well-known master quilter. In 2014, Bonnie was selected as a semifinalist among 405 other contestants in the American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek. The American Quilter’s Society’s quilter’s contest is now in its 31th year. Cherokee leaf pounding quilting is her of her specialties.


    UPDATE: Bonnie will be on hand at the gallery on Saturday, 6/3/2017 from 11AM to 4PM to give a live demonstration of her art.

    While Bonnie uses many different techniques in her quilted pieces, one of her most popular quilting techniques found here at Mountain Made all start with a technique Bonnie calls “Cherokee Leaf Pounding”.

    Leaf pounding is a simple, yet stunning technique originally used by Native American Cherokee women to decorate their fabrics.

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    Bonnie uses actual flowers, leaves, and even weeds in her works! The colors and veining in the resulting quilt pieces are actual pigments and dyes from the plants or leaves themselves.

    Each in her original designs has a machine-thread technique. It is applied over the border of the plant outline for a more rustic and organic texture.

    We invite you drop by and see Bonnie’s latest quilts at Mountain Made and check out her Cherokee Leaf Pounding Quilts for yourself.



  5. Planting & Gardening by the Signs

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    Using a Garden Almanac to Plant by the Signs – Local Book Shows You How

    Since prehistoric times, mankind has been using the phases of the moon and weather signs to plant and harvest crops.

    According to Wikipedia this is a form of astrology named “Agricultural astrology” or as it is commonly called here in the South “planting by moon”.

    In a nutshell, planting by the signs is what some gardeners, even commercial farmers, believe is a system where various plants do better (grow faster and produce more crops) when seeded, cultivated and harvested during certain moon phases and astrological signs.

    Now there are few studies and very little scientific research to back up this ancient system but that has not stopped generations of gardeners from wanting to know how to use their almanacs and struggling to understand when to plant by the moon signs.

    And yes, we admit that “planting by the signs” might seem a little out there for some folks, but many good Southern mothers have swore by their farmer’s almanac and planting by the signs!

    With that in mind, MOUNTAIN MADE has a wonderful gardening book written by local authors and long time gardening experts – Jack R. Pyle and Taylor Reese.

    Pyle and Reese wrote about on this fascinating topic, in their book “Raising with the Moon: the complete guide to gardening and living by the signs of the Moon” (more…)