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“How do I start collecting art?”

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“How do I start collecting art? And how do I know if the artwork is any ‘good’?”

If you do any kind of research you will soon discover that artwork is frequently labeled as “good”, “great” or “inspirational”. Now do you want to be collecting art?

Frankly there are only two rules of thumb you should consider when it comes to buying or collecting art:

(1) Buy what you like
(2) Setting and sticking to a budget (more…)

The Arts and Crafts Style Comes South with the National Arts & Crafts Conference

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The Arts and Crafts Movement

National Arts & Crafts Conference

It was the style that changed America forever

In 1910 the Arts and Crafts movement swept across the country, creating a demand for millions of modest, affordable bungalows filled with the handcrafted oak furniture of Gustav Stickley, matte green pottery by Grueby and Rookwood, mica lighting by the Roycroft Copper Shop, and handwoven textiles decorated with cattails, gingko leaves, and purple iris blossoms.

And while it started in New York and Chicago, it didn’t stay just there. (more…)

Pie Recipes from Scratch – The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy by Barbara Swell

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barbara swell, pies

Something about cold winter weather always makes you want to hunker down and hibernate…and EAT!

Winter time is the worst time if you are on a diet…oops, we mean a new ‘eating plan’. This is why we are delighting in sharing one of our favorite pie cookbooks with you, now.

Yes, PIE. And yes, we are tempting you.

Imagine, a cold winter night, all safe and warm eating leftover pie with good coffee…YUM! (more…)

Super Bowl Party Recipe – Easy Tacos for Football Fans

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Chris Perryman

Okay, we admit it. This recipe has absolutely nothing to do with the gallery, fine art or handmade crafts.

Just our gift as one football fan to another. 

You don’t even have to like football  to like this recipe (but as Southerners we do think that’s a bit odd).

Still this is a great recipe for those who want a quick and inexpensive Super Bowl dish for the half-time party or whenever. (more…)

Is Mountain Made part of a non-profit?

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“Are you part of a non-profit or some other Asheville art organization or group?”

Live demos

NOTE: Here at the gallery, we frequently get questions about who we are and why we do things the way that we do. This blog post is just one of a series of answers to these commonly asked questions.


No not currently. But we are members of the Downtown Asheville Art District and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

However, Mountain Made did start out as a project created by Mountain BizWorks, a local Asheville NC non-profit.

The gallery was setup to help showcase the local artists in the region and encourage the development of more arts and craft businesses. (more…)

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