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Artists: A to Z

Bahia Abrams

jill adams

kimberly anderson

Amy Allen

Frank argento

Alicia Armstrong

sherry austin

Artemus Autlav

james barr

Susan Barrett

Marsha balbier

hayley bauman

Jim Beghtol

Linda bellino

Joy Bennett

Pattie Best

phil & veda bickley

dick biggins

alberta blazina

Jamie Frank Boccardy

maud boleman

charlie brown

deanna buell

Faith Butterfield

Ginny Callaway

leon cassada

jim caskowski

James Chandler

Dielle Ciesco

sheri cohan

ronno cooke

mike cowan

Benjamin Crofoot

Susan Davis

Laura and Ken DeWeese

catalina diBiase

nancy dillingham

olga dorenko

monroe drake

sandy edmonds

diane english

wayne erbsen

donna germano

charles gershon

phoebe gibbs

tina glenn

Laurel Gordon

terri godfrey

karyn gould

katherine graham

bob grytten

robert c. gunther

judi harwood

sondra hastings

Richard Hills

Keri Kelley Hollifield

david holt

William Hunter

Bill Jamieson

Lisa joerling

jackie jones

Madeleine kay

Erin Keane

polly kent

Jamie King

Jem Klein

edwin knies

pam knies

ronald knight

Mary Carol Koester

jim kransberger

David Lamoureaux

julie larson

jesse lee

Treska Lindsey

kathy lightcap

jill love

(Mama) ruth Llowery

Deborah Lloyd

bonnie lucas

mary e mason

tamara matthews

sharon mccollum

celia miles

lynette miller

cathy mitchell

donnabeth mitchell

Brian Monteleone

bill mosher

michael murphy

stuart nye

charlie parker

don pedi

christopher perryman

mary phoenix

pegi pike

Robert pike

carl pittman

lorraine plaxico

jerald pope

tom pressley

jason probstein

cameron proctor

Jack Pyle

judy b. quinn

gayle ray

Milton Ready

Taylor Reese

lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine (Lisa Ring)

Kim Rody

kim ross

carl & jean saake

Jennifer Salak


Robert F. Seven

brian shope

Terri Sigler

steve and ruth smith

Chris Sparks

elke spirakis

georganna spruce

anne stafford

kate stockman

Kaaren Stoner

barbara swell

judy tanner

kim thompson

Lori Theriault

Sally Timmel-gammons

matt tommy

Tadashi Torii

frank tuuri

cindy vanderwart

constance vlahoulis

jane voorhees

Molly Walling

patti waltz

Bill Wanezek

nalan weaver

edwin h. weaver, jr.

edwin "Mr. Eddie" weaver

cheryl whitt

william whittel

Blacksmiths and Metal Work Artists.

Metal work has long been one of mankind's most adaptable arts. From plowshares to eating utensils, metal smithing has always been a craft made for functionality. But our local blacksmiths (iron and steel artisans) as well as our other metal work artists have taken this seemly simple craft and created pieces that are both high quality art forms as well as functional home and garden accents.
Jim Beghtol Valle Crucis NCJim’s wire sculpted trees are individually hand crafted (twisted) using only simple hand tools. He uses galvanized steel wire, stainless steel, bark covered wire, bare copper as well as “Artistic” wire.Website: n/a

Mike Cowan Moonshiner Metalworks, asheville nCMike Cowan has taken his skill for metal fabrication and ironwork into the world of master craftsmanship. His history is as diverse as his wares. This former Army avionics technician, dirt track car racer, and NASCAR fabricator’s history has turned his metal working skills to artistic welding and blacksmithing, designing and buildingeverything from architectural iron work to whimsical garden art. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog
Edwin Knies Black Mountain NCEdwin has been creating artworks most of his life. He admits since graduating from the University of Evansville in Indiana with degrees in communications and fine arts that there are few mediums he has not tried from photography, clay, mixed media but feels he expresses his gift best in metalwork. Website: n/a

Jesse Lee Leicester NCJesse Lee is a local craftsman (and longtime picture framer) who has an affinity and talent for working with copper and other metals. Coming from a framing background, where things were even, square and balanced, Jesse uses abstract designs, copper, old ceiling tin along with aluminum siding, heating ducts and just about anything else to make his bold and unique abstracts and framed art mirrors. (Jesse is also listed under Wall Art - Mixed Media). Website: n/a

Robert Pike Black Mountain NC

Robert specializes in hammered copper wall art and designs. Each piece is handcrafted and finished to capture the golden warmth and burnished color of copper for many years to come.   He also creates a signature line of copper leaf jewelry. Each jewelry piece is created from real “leaves” collected during hikes in our beautiful WNC mountains.

Website: n/a

Robert F. Seven Asheville NCRob Seven's eye-catching spoon and fork critters are charming and whimsical but Rob began his 21 year journey into the world of metal folk art from the hot and dusty plant floor of a NC cotton mill. While he has always loved created things with his hands, he didn't turn to making his silverware assemblages and metal sculptures full-time until 1991 when lost his job at the cotton mill and suffered several personal setbacks. Rob says "art has transformed my life and gave me back my soul, and I try to express and celebrate this transformation in all that I do". Website: n/a | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog