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2011 Holiday Gift Guide

12 Days of Gifts Handmade for the 2011 Holidays!


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Handcrafted Pottery & Ceramic Gifts

Ceramic Sugar and Cream Set

What Kelsey says about her work,"Embellishing the surface of the piece is as important as the form itself. Once the vessel has been completed I start to enhance the surface one stamp at a time. I begin at the rim with a single, handmade stamp, perfectly placed, and continue around the piece until I have stamped a full ring at the top..."

$120 USD

Chip and Dip Bowls

What Garold says about his work,"I started creating in clay during high school. From there, I found work making production pottery and I received a B.S.A with a concentration in Ceramics. So, that's a little bit of history but the story is in the clay. What I get from clay is the challenge...I'm constantly thinking of what the clay can become within form and function."

$33 USD

'Pie for Two' Baking Dishes

What Cathey says about their work," We started creating pottery in 2008, mostly simple forms utilizing simple glazes appropriate for everyday use..."

$22 - $30 USD

Egg Separators

Cathey says,"...We’ve been inspired by the many potters in western North Carolina and the foothills, and regularly take pilgrimages to the Seagrove area for inspiration. After a few years of experimentation we’ve developed a simple rustic line of stoneware shapes and colors, all dishwasher safe and lead-free."

Each $12 USD

Indoor Nativity Sets

(Other figurines also available.) Created by ceramic artist Sondra Hasting, these original Nativity Scenes are each individually hand-molded and painted. They make a great gift idea - no matter what the season."

3-Piece Porcelain Nativity Figures
$75 USD

Handcrafted Glass Gifts

Hand-blown Glass Goblets

Jason says, "Every piece I create has a little bit of my dancing in it. I listen to Led Zeppelin a lot, but I am a sucker for 80s hair metal—Yes, Bon Jovi, Poison, Def Leppard, and, of course, Motley Crew. My neighbors love hearing me sing in my studio while I am making this work."

$80 USD

Art Glass Photo/Card Holders

Mike says, “Glass is a mysterious medium. It is exciting to see the depth of color combinations, and forms and textures you can get by melting glass in a kiln at various temperatures. I am fascinated by the mysteries of how many ways that glass, a seemingly hard material, can be manipulated.”

$29 USD

Artisan Jewelry

Custom Leather Bracelets

Perk up your casual outfits with these adorable leather bracelets that add natural beauty any look. (With just a touch of glittering gemstones for sparkle.)

$18 USD

Sparkling Fused Glass Bracelets

Sharon says, "I strive to create fused glass jewelry that becomes a part of a woman's daily surroundings and yet enhances her life visually while still being unique." (Made with Artistic Wire)

$23 USD

Handcrafted Leather Purses, Backpacks & Artisan Handbags


Liberty St. Baggage Co., was inspired by Saundra Hall’s granddaughters...

Starting at $185 USD

Shoulder Bags & Purses

"Saundra founded Liberty St. Baggage Co. in a historic building on Liberty Street in Asheville, NC, in 1989 from a vision and commitment to creating unique, American-made baggage of peerless quality and inspired design."

Starting at $115 USD

String Handbags & Clutches

"We are dedicated to creating local opportunities for entrepreneurial women — our staff is made up entirely of highly experienced, local seamstresses that have devoted over 35 years to the business.”

Starting at $22 USD

New Releases by Local WNC Authors

Picnic Time

Vintage Cookbook & Recipes By Barbara Swell. Let's have a picnic! First, we'll craft a picnic basket from vintage treasures and fill it with classic and creative picnic fare. Then we're off to backyard, forest, roadside, or campfire to enjoy festive sandwiches, garden slaws, fire roasted spreads, homemade raspberry marshmallows and more."

$5.95 USD

Shanty Gold

Irish-American Novel By Jeanne Charters. In 1849’s famine-ravaged Ireland, homeless & alone, thirteen-year-old Mary Boland is headed for Boston to find her father— no matter what. Raped and beaten, she is rescued by a fifteen-year-old Negro slave boy. Together they survive the harrowing trip to America. Their friendship, forged in fire, turns out to be the key to happiness in this new world for them both.

$15.99 USD

It’s All Relative: Tales from the Tree

Anthology of regional women writers co-edited by Celia H. Miles & Nancy Dillingham. In this smorgasbord of family stories, essays, and poems, you can nibble on a nugget, munch on a morsel, or gobble down a whole meal. As Celia puts it, “Family are like fudge— mostly sweet with a few nuts.”

$16.95 USD

The Art of Raymond Byram

Coffee Table Book by Ray Byram Byram. Ray explains, “At quick glance my style obviously looks realistic, yet I employ the theories and approach of the Impressionists”. Ray has been painting in oil since 1969. and has devoted himself to his work, having one man and group shows throughout the East.

$75.00 USD

Featured Artwork

Wooden Koi Fish Sculpture

Hand-carved by Brian Monteleone. Brian's love of wood sculpting started 20 years ago, when he visited family's cabin in the Hudson Valley while on vacation and whittled away the time carving and sculpting a life-size statue with a chain-saw! As you can see Brian's work has vastly improved from those very rough beginnings.

$2500.00 USD

Welcome to Mountain Made’s 2011 Handcrafted Gift Guide
Unique Gift Ideas From WNC For The 2011 Holiday Season!

We ship anywhere in the US!

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Carved Wooden Raven with Perch

Carved Raven with Perch

1. Raven Perching – Custom woodworker, Dan Fredricks, will be the first to admit that his exclusively designed products are not the cheapest; however, this self-taught woodworker’s artworks are some the best quaility wood pieces in the region.


Goblets Toasting

Blown Glass Goblets

2. Goblets for Toasting – Glass – one of the most common yet mystifying substances used in the modern art world. And few people can create glass objects as beautiful and graceful as Asheville artist Jason Probstein.Jason will be creating his wonderful and whimsical Christmas tree ornaments live at the gallery from November 19 to December 19th.


Birds A Roosting

Ceramic Decor Birds

3. Birds A Roosting – Hand-molded Ceramic Birds – Each piece is individually sculpted, hand painted and signed by Jean and her husband Carl. Any of these one-of-a-kind birds can make a great looking home décor artwork or desktop business card holders or paperweights.


Hummingbirds Flying

Forged Hummingbirds

4. Hummingbirds Flying – Placing metal yard art in potted plants or in garden areas surrounding a house can be a great way to dress up any home’s exterior.We offer many different types of metal yard art but some the most popular ones here at the gallery are the hummingbirds crafted by Mike Cowan.These remarkable metal art pieces are hand forged by Mike and would make a lovely gift to any gardener in your life.


Silver Things

Silver bracelets & necklaces

5. Silver Things – In the old world, a silversmith was an expert craftsperson who made fine art objects from silver and/or gold.In the best traditions of this craft, silver artist Kim Thompson maintains a high standard for quality and exceptional beauty with her jewelry designs.Her pieces will gladden the heart of most any jewelry lover this holiday season.


Coffee and Tea Mugs

Coffee and Tea Mugs

6. Mugs for Drinking – Oddly enough, we have a North Carolinian to thank for our nickname for a cup of coffee.During WWI, then Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels banned all alcohol from US naval ships.Immediately sailors began calling coffee, the strongest drink allowed, “a cup of Joe”. Browse our unparalleled selection of coffee cups and/or tea mugs and give someone you know show piece for their “a cup of Joe”.


Wearable Art Jewelry

Wearable Art Jewelry

7. Dreds A Dancing – Dancin’ Dreds is Sally Timmel-Gammons’s fun and playful line of wearable art jewelry.Based on her philosophy of life: Live, Love, Laugh, these designs are inspired from her background in elementary education and creating simple forms with bright colors.These colorful earrings display her unique and playful signature that is found in all of her artwork and make great gifts for the fun-loving folks that you know.


WNC Cookbooks

Local WNC Cookbooks

8. Mamas Cooking – What says the holidays like home cooking from Mama?Here at Mountain Made, we are proud to offer an extraordinary collection of cookbooks:
from authentic Cherokee & Native American cooking, to old-time mountain recipes for cookies, pies and cakes, to New South fusion cooking styles straight from the chefs of award-winning restaurants.Browse our new online bookstore and pick out a cookbook that whets your appetite.


Teetering Wine Rack

Tilted Wine Rack

9. Teetering Wine Rack – At first glance our “teetering” wine racks just look super-cool.We admit that they are conversation pieces but what most folks don’t know is that horizontal wine racks like these are the best solution to storing wines long term.This is because a horizontal wine rack keeps the cork properly moist while allowing any sediment to settle down the sides of the bottle.

This unique tilting design prevents spoilage when you go to pour your best vintage. So our teetering bottle holders not only make a playful gift to showcase your best but also help age wines better.


aromatic bath soaps

Natural Bath Soaps

10. Natural Soaps for Soaking – Affordable luxury in a bar! The aromatic bath soaps that we carry are made all handmade here in WNC.Each bar is made from the highest grade of oils, minerals, herbs and essential plant extracts, all blended to form a wide selection of decadent and creamy-rich bath soaps.Our soaps have exotic names such like “Moon Lady’s Ocean”, “Ginger Grass & Silk” ,”Appalachian Christmas” or “Grand Maud’s Vanilla”. Our natural soaps are a wonderful indulgence for yourself or someone you love.


Ceramic Angels

Ceramic Angels

11. Ceramic Angels – Angels form a significant part in almost all Christmas stories.Angels are thought to bring serenity, peace and goodwill to all mankind during the Christmas season.Angels are said to herald happy tidings and bring good news to people in need.

Let one of Jill Adams’s ceramic angels be a physical reminder for you and your family of the truest and most heartfelt meaning during upcoming holiday season.


Bracelets Sparkling

Sparkling Bracelets

12. Bracelets Sparkling – Bling in the Holidays with one of Sharon McCollum’s fun and whimsical bracelets.Sharon first started making Jewelry in 2006 as a hobby and it soon became a growing passion. Her designs are created using lead crystals, wire work and fused glass.A very affordable way to dress up any outfit for holidays or “bling” in the season with friends, family or co-workers!





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