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  1. 4 Ways to simplify your gift giving: Want, Need, Wear & Read

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    “How to Simplify Your Holiday Gift Giving”


    Having a hard time finding just the right gift for the special people in your life?

    You are not alone.

    All to often we all get too wrapped up in the frenzy of the “holi-daze”; keeping up with work and traveling to see friends and family.

    And that leaves us with very little time to do the kind of thoughtful gift-giving we want to do.

    So how to simplify your gift giving?

    We recommend “Get something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR and something to READ.”

    “What do you mean…something they WANT? Something to READ? Whose are they?”

    We were told a few years ago that the phrase WANT-NEED-WEAR-READ was a easy way to made holiday gift shopping quick and simple.

    We were impressed the minute we heard about it from a customer. Just four little words, yet so very SMART!

    “Get them something they WANT; something they NEED; something to WEAR; something to READ.”

    So we thought we share with you…

    “A Simple Handcrafted Gift Giving Philosophy”

    “Want, Need, Wear, Read”


  2. Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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    Thanks Dad!


    Gifts for the guy who held our hands when we were scared. Artwork for the man who wiped the tears from our eyes and worked to provide us with the food, shelter and clothing he felt we deserved.

    Below are just a few of the gift ideas you will find for him at Mountain Made.  (more…)