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  1. Jason Probstein: Asheville Glass Blower at Work

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    Scientific Glassblowing Asheville NC

    Live Demos by Jason Probstein

    Glassblowing Asheville - Jason blowing glass at Mountain Made gallery

    Jason Probstein is a lampworker and scientific glass blower who lives here in Asheville, North Carolina. He uses Corning Pyrex glass tubing and rods to create his wonderful artwork. He uses a 3000 degree torch to heat and shape his glass art into strong and very durable pieces like ornaments and goblets. (more…)

  2. Traditional Glassblowing by Terri Sigler – Weaving Colors in Glass

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    Traditional Glassblowing - by Asheville Artist Terri Sigler

     Glassblowing by Asheville Artist Terri Sigler

    Traditional Glassblowing

    Traditional Glassblowing

    It is always interesting to us, to learn how an artist gets started. But of all the stories we have heard over the years, Terri Sigler’s is one of the most unique: according to Terri she started her journey into traditional glassblowing in 2006, when her husband gifted her with a  traditional glassblowing class!

    Naturally Terri thought he was crazy but hey since the class included a week-long stay at a really luxurious hotel (not to mention a non-refundable class fee), she went along with it.

    As part of our continuing series, ‘Inside the Artist’s Studio’, we visited Terri and her assistant Brianna Gardner last month to see how she creates her blown glass artwork and get her answers to our questions. (more…)