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Planting by the Signs & Using a Garden Almanac – Two Local Authors Show You How

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Yes, we understand that gardening is kind of an odd topic to be discussed in a blog about mountain made arts and crafts.

But MOUNTAIN MADE carries two wonderful books on the almanac and planting by the moon written by local authors and long time gardening experts – Jack R. Pyle and Taylor Reese.

Pyle and Reese wrote these companion books on this fascinating topic, “Raising with the Moon: The complete guide to gardening and living by the signs of the Moon” and “You and the Man in the Moon: The complete guide to using the almanac”.

If you are old enough to remember old school cottage gardening then you probably recognize the phrase, “planting by the signs”.

We all knew was gardening season once I saw my mother and all her fellow gardeners buying a new edition of “The Farmers Almanac” or “Gardeners Almanac” and browsing for the best times to plant seeds or set out plants for the new year.

Going by the phrases of the moon and other helpful, “signs” from almanac my mother and millions of home gardeners and professional farmers alike would faithfully set out their seed crops, transplants or shrubs for the best chance of growth.

But as the 20th century developed more reliable weather predictions and soil testing, planting by the signs or growing by the moon fell aside – until beginning of this century.

Judging by the number of recession “victory” gardens and urban growing spaces that have sprung up not only in the South but all over the country, home veggie gardening, is making a big comeback.

And along with it, is a renewed interest in using almanacs and moon signs to plant and harvest food crops.

In “Raising with the Moon” the authors go over the best ways and dates to prep the soil, cultivate and fertilize. They also have chapters on planting, transplanting, companion planting, pruning and much more. This book is a great read for both beginner and long-time gardeners.  You can buy it online here.

The “You and the Man in the Moon” explains in detail how to read and use a planting almanac for the best advantage. You can buy it online here.

Okay, we admit that “planting by the signs” might seem a little out there for some folks, but hey my mom always grew some the best tasting tomatoes in the neighborhood and she always swore by her almanac and planting by the signs!

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