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Cherokee Leaf Pounding Quilts by Asheville Artist Bonnie Lucas


Cherokee Leaf Pounding Quilts


Among Asheville artists, Bonnie Lucas is a well-known master quilter. In 2014, Bonnie was selected as a semifinalist among 405 other contestants in the American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek. The American Quilter’s Society’s quilter’s contest is now in its 31th year. Cherokee leaf pounding quilting is her of her specialties.


UPDATE: Bonnie will be on hand at the gallery on Saturday, 6/3/2017 from 11AM to 4PM to give a live demonstration of her art.

While Bonnie uses many different techniques in her quilted pieces, one of her most popular quilting techniques found here at Mountain Made all start with a technique Bonnie calls “Cherokee Leaf Pounding”.

Leaf pounding is a simple, yet stunning technique originally used by Native American Cherokee women to decorate their fabrics.

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Bonnie uses actual flowers, leaves, and even weeds in her works! The colors and veining in the resulting quilt pieces are actual pigments and dyes from the plants or leaves themselves.

Each in her original designs has a machine-thread technique. It is applied over the border of the plant outline for a more rustic and organic texture.

We invite you drop by and see Bonnie’s latest quilts at Mountain Made and check out her Cherokee Leaf Pounding Quilts for yourself.




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