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Bonsai Tree Sculptures

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Wire Sculptures by Asheville Artist Jim Beghtol

“The history of bonsai (pronounced bon-sigh) is cloaked in the mist of the past but it is now widely accepted that it was the Chinese who first created the miniature landscapes and trees that we now know as bonsai.

In Japanese, bonsai means “tray plants”, but since originating in Asia so many centuries ago – it has developed into a unique new art form, not just indoor plants. Called penjing by the Chinese, bonsai was believed to have had its start in the Han Dynasty…”

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“…One of the earliest Chinese legends contends that that an emperor during the Han Dynasty had created a landscape in the palace courtyard complete with miniature hills, valleys, rivers, lakes and trees that depicted his entire empire.  Legend has it that he wanted to gaze upon his entire empire from his window each morning.

But the emperor became so jealous of his miniature landscapes that anyone else found in possession of such even a small miniature landscape was seen as a threat to his empire and instantly put to death.”

Which why bonsai quickly became  tray landscapes hidden away indoors!  Naturally you won’t have to worry about this type of threat when you get buy one of Jim’s wire bonsai masterpieces – although we do readily admit, they are to die for!

A recent addition to Mountain Made gallery is artist Jim Beghtol. Jim creates hand crafted copper and steel wire sculpted trees.  His wire sculpted trees are unique and different than anything we have ever seen in WNC.

Wire Bonsai Sculpture

Wire Bonsai Sculpture

Each tree is individually made from yards and yards of wire strands – twisted using simple hand tools.  Jim uses a combination of galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire, bark covered wire, bare copper wire as well as “Artistic” wire (in over three dozen colors) to create sculptures that are clear coated for lasting beauty.

His imaginative creations range in style from magnificent uprights evergreens and graceful willows to windswept bonsai and colorful Japanese maples.

Jim will be demonstrating his elegant and winning wire artwork this Saturday, May 11th from11AM to 4pm, here at the Mountain Made gallery. We invite you to come by to watch Jim, live and in-person and ask him questions about his wonderful artwork.

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