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Melinda Knies - Owner and manager of Mountain Made, an Asheville Art Gallery
  1. Planting & Gardening by the Signs

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    Using a Garden Almanac to Plant by the Signs – Local Book Shows You How

    Since prehistoric times, mankind has been using the phases of the moon and weather signs to plant and harvest crops.

    According to Wikipedia this is a form of astrology named “Agricultural astrology” or as it is commonly called here in the South “planting by moon”.

    In a nutshell, planting by the signs is what some gardeners, even commercial farmers, believe is a system where various plants do better (grow faster and produce more crops) when seeded, cultivated and harvested during certain moon phases and astrological signs.

    Now there are few studies and very little scientific research to back up this ancient system but that has not stopped generations of gardeners from wanting to know how to use their almanacs and struggling to understand when to plant by the moon signs.

    And yes, we admit that “planting by the signs” might seem a little out there for some folks, but many good Southern mothers have swore by their farmer’s almanac and planting by the signs!

    With that in mind, MOUNTAIN MADE has a wonderful gardening book written by local authors and long time gardening experts – Jack R. Pyle and Taylor Reese.

    Pyle and Reese wrote about on this fascinating topic, in their book “Raising with the Moon: the complete guide to gardening and living by the signs of the Moon” (more…)

  2. What is an Asheville Art Walk?

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    What is an Asheville Art Walk?

    “What is the Downtown Asheville Art District’s

    Art Walk About?”

    What is an Art Walk?

    Just about any size city, town or hamlet, nowadays has an art walk of some kind. And the Asheville Downtown Art Walk is no different.

    An Art Walk is basically a self-guided and self-paced tour of small studios, galleries or organizations that specialize in showcasing local arts and crafts.

    An Art Walk can be held monthly, annually or quarterly.

    It can be run by an association of small galleries, by a chamber of commerce or with just a handful of local merchants banding together.

    What is an Art Walk?


  3. St. Patrick’s Day Pinch?

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    Wear Green or Get Pinched?

    st patricks day 2017

    St. Patrick’s Day Pinch? While we won’t pinch you if don’t wear green when you come by the store today, we invite you to check out some of our wonderful “Tipsy” Tumblers handcrafted by Asheville glass blower Terri Sigler.

    Okay, we admit it you might not NEED any glassware but once you see these beautiful hand blown tumblers, you are sure to want them.

    They made a great thank-you gift idea for you to take along if you are heading out this evening for a St. Paddy’s Day party with a special  someone.

    Not to mention, if you are hosting your own “wear green or get pinched” celebration this weekend, nothing makes a mini-bar or a party beverage table stand out quite like these super cool tumblers that “rock but never roll” and their companion blown glass pitchers:

    “Tipsy” Tumblers and Pitchers by Asheville Glass Blower Terri Sigler

    st-paddy-pinching-handWe invite you to come by Mountain Made soon or we will give ya a pinch! St. Patrick’s Day Pinch any day pinch!


  4. Kick Winter to the Curb – Whimsical Garden & Metal Yard Art from Mike Cowan

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    Mike Cowan's completed wrought iron gate

    Wrought Iron Gates by Mike Cowan

    Metal Garden & Yard Art By Mike Cowan


    Every spring, gardeners will spent their time dreaming of a relaxing summer time oasis filled with wonderful flowers and birds, and other wildlife.

    But by using striking metal yard art sculptures or garden structures from artists like Mike Cowan, you can easily extend the beauty of your home’s yards and gardens long past those bleak winter months into the spring season.



  5. Pie Recipes from Scratch – The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy by Barbara Swell

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    barbara swell, pies

    Something about cold winter weather always makes you want to hunker down and hibernate…and EAT!

    Winter time is the worst time if you are on a diet…oops, we mean a new ‘eating plan’. This is why we are delighting in sharing one of our favorite pie cookbooks with you, now.

    Yes, PIE. And yes, we are tempting you.

    Imagine, a cold winter night, all safe and warm eating leftover pie with good coffee…YUM! (more…)