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  1. Sterling Solar Eclipse Jewelry by Asheville Artist Candy Emerson

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    Total Solar Eclipse Day, Monday August 21, 2017

    Kind of excited about the solar eclipse? You are not alone – so are we! In fact a few of us are heading out of town to catch the best views since downtown Asheville has only a 99% totality.

    That’s fancy talk that means we get cheated out of the full deal! But the gallery will be OPEN.

    So us die-hards will still be here…suffering and selling this spectacular, one-of-a-kind (once-in-a-lifetime) piece of metal jewelry.

    The Total Solar Eclipse Bracelet is made completely from hand-stamped and hand hammered sterling silver by Asheville metal smith Candy Emerson.

    Candy has used a beautiful piece of black onyx as setting for the total eclipse and then hand stamped and engraved on the sides the other stages of an eclipse:

    1. Begin of Partial eclipse
    2. Begin of Total eclipse
    3. Totality or the maximum eclipse (the onyx setting)
    4. End of Total eclipse
    5. End of Partial eclipse


    If you are excited about chasing after the Great American eclipse, then we invite you to drop by or call us (we expect this piece to go fast).

    Don’t forget to check out this fabulous bracelet for yourself (or as a great gift idea).


  2. Asheville Fiber Artist Bonnie Lucas – Inside the Artist’s Studio

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    UPDATE: Bonnie will be here on Saturday, August 18, 2017 for art demo!

    Asheville Fiber Art

    Local fiber artist and award-winning quilter, Bonnie Lucas specializes in creating quilted wall hangings using an ancient Cherokee Indian technique called plant or leaf pounding.

    So how is flower or plant pounding really done?

    Bonnie explains it best…

    ”This is a process of infusing the actual pigment from plants into the fibers of fabric. The basic plant pounding technique is actually a fairly simple one…you take fresh actual flowers, leaves and other natural greenery; even weeds and with a hammer literally pound the plant’s natural dyes and colors into a light-colored fabric backing.” (more…)

  3. Things to Do in Asheville – Live Art Demos Every Saturday

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    Things to Do in Asheville - craft demonstrations at mountain made

     “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~Plato

    Mountain Made is pleased to offer once again this year, our live art and craft demonstrations.

    Every Saturday from 11-4PM, (during our summer, fall and holiday seasons) we will be hosting a live art demo presented by one of our popular Mountain Made artisans.

    Each demonstration will showcase the artwork from a local WNC artist. During the demonstration, our master artisans are open to answering your questions, and share their love of their particular art or craft.

    Check out videos from our past art demonstrations below:


  4. Handcrafted Copper & Silver Jewelry by Asheville Artist Candy Emerson

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    UPDATE: Candy will be on hand at the gallery on Saturday from 11AM to 4PM to give a live demonstration of her art. We invite you drop by and watch her in action.

    handcrafted silver jewelry

    Handcrafted Precious Metal Jewelry

    Silversmith and jewelry designer Candy Emerson says, “Handcrafting jewelry makes me smile!

    I remember looking at the titles of career self-help books and the message always seemed to be ‘follow your passion, do what you love and determine the color of your parachute’. (more…)

  5. Oil Paintings by Asheville artist Tebbe Davis

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    UPDATE: Live Art Demo by Tebbe on Saturday, July 22. 2017

    Oil Paintings - Asheville artist Tebbe Davis at Mountain Made gallery

    “Every child is an artist.
    The problem is how to remain
    an artist once we grow up.
    ~Pablo Picasso

    Asheville oil painter Tebbe Davis considers himself to be a modern American anomaly.

    He says, “He is a product of the suburban middle class and yet is a complete aberration of the same.” (more…)