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  1. Decorating With Art Quilts

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    Decorating With Art Quilts

    How to Decorate Quick & Easy with Elegantly Handcrafted Art Quilts

    People visiting our gallery always seem to be on the look out for new and interesting ways to display the art quilts they get from us. Decorating with art quilts is one way to show off the comforts of the home.

    After looking around a bit we have uncovered both traditional and contemporary ways to make art quilts really stand out – other than to just ‘hang them’ on a wall some where.

    Here are some tips we picked at (more…)

  2. Exploring Life Changes Thru Nature with Sue Wasserman

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    Writer/Photographer Sue Wasserman

    Inside the Artist’s Studio with Asheville Writer/Photographer Sue Wasserman

    The some of Mountain Made’s most popular authors and skilled artists and crafts people – found here in Western North Carolina – reveal their personal experiences and professional insights in our continuing series ‘Inside The Artist’s Studio’.

    This month we visited with author and photographer Sue Wasserman. Sue has authored two very popular books: Walk with Me: Exploring Nature’s Wisdom and her newest,  A Moment’s Notice.

    Both are filled with spectacular nature photography and inspiring personal essays.

    Sue has been featured in such local publications such as the Laurel of Asheville:

    “Insightful essays and captivating photographs give readers a sense of natural wonder and beauty as Wasserman experiences them. Wildflowers, butterflies and light reflected on water are some of the discoveries she makes with her “internal GPS,” finding in them lessons in understanding…”


  3. How to Enjoy Your 2017 SoCon Game Breaks

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    How to Enjoy Your 2017 SoCon Game Breaks

    Here’s What to do in Downtown Asheville

    In Between the Southern Conference Basketball Games

    How to Enjoy Your 2017 SoCon Game Breaks

    If you are coming to the Southern Conference Basketball Championships, eventually you will have a break in the games of your favorite team.

    There’s no better time to walk one block over to the Grove Arcade and come inside out of the wind to browse one of the best selections of Western North Carolina artwork in the downtown art district.


  4. “How do I start collecting art?”

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    “How do I start collecting art? And how do I know if the artwork is any ‘good’?”

    If you do any kind of research you will soon discover that artwork is frequently labeled as “good”, “great” or “inspirational”. Now do you want to be collecting art?

    Frankly there are only two rules of thumb you should consider when it comes to buying or collecting art:

    (1) Buy what you like
    (2) Setting and sticking to a budget (more…)

  5. The Arts and Crafts Style Comes South with the National Arts & Crafts Conference

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    The Arts and Crafts Movement

    National Arts & Crafts Conference

    It was the style that changed America forever

    In 1910 the Arts and Crafts movement swept across the country, creating a demand for millions of modest, affordable bungalows filled with the handcrafted oak furniture of Gustav Stickley, matte green pottery by Grueby and Rookwood, mica lighting by the Roycroft Copper Shop, and handwoven textiles decorated with cattails, gingko leaves, and purple iris blossoms.

    And while it started in New York and Chicago, it didn’t stay just there. (more…)