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  1. Is Mountain Made part of a non-profit?

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    “Are you part of a non-profit or some other Asheville art organization or group?”

    Live demos

    NOTE: Here at the gallery, we frequently get questions about who we are and why we do things the way that we do. This blog post is just one of a series of answers to these commonly asked questions.


    No not currently. But we are members of the Downtown Asheville Art District and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

    However, Mountain Made did start out as a project created by Mountain BizWorks, a local Asheville NC non-profit.

    The gallery was setup to help showcase the local artists in the region and encourage the development of more arts and craft businesses. (more…)

  2. Jason Probstein: Asheville Glass Blower at Work

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    Asheville Glass blower

    Asheville Glass blower, Jason Probstein is a lampworker and scientific glass blower who lives here in Asheville, North Carolina. He uses Corning Pyrex glass tubing and rods to create his wonderful artwork. He uses a 3000 degree torch to heat and shape his glass art into strong and very durable pieces like ornaments and goblets.

    Scientific Glassblowing Asheville NC

    Live Demos by Jason Probstein

    Glassblowing Asheville - Jason blowing glass at Mountain Made gallery

    Jason received his degree in scientific glass blowing from the Salem Community College and has studied Venetian glass techniques at the Penland School of Crafts.

    Jason as a nationally known glass blower has had his glass ornaments and other collectibles displayed in various art galleries and museum gift shops the throughout the Untied States (such as the Smithsonian).

    His lightweight, yet durable Christmas ornaments are unique in both their shape, colors and patterns. It is this attention to detail that makes Jason’s work stand out among other glass artists.

    Mountain Made is proud to have had Jason display his craft during the holiday season for the past 5 years. We invite you to come by the gallery and watch Jason at work.

  3. Will there be a Black Friday sale at Mountain Made?

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    Will there be a Black Friday sale?

    As you can imagine, that’s a question we get asked quite a lot around this time of year. To answer it, we’ve created a quick blog post for you.

    Read on to find out…


  4. 4 Ways to simplify your gift giving: Want, Need, Wear & Read

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    Simplify Gift Giving


    Unique Holiday & Christmas Gifts from Mountain Made Art Gallery

    How to simplify gift giving?

    The other week two women were shopping in our store, when the one with dark hair called out to the other and asked, “What do I have to look for again?”

    “Get something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read!”, the red-haired one shouted back.

    Melinda and I looked at each other in confusion,”What did she mean…something they WANT? Something to READ?”

    We had never heard of such before. So naturally, when they finally came up to the counter, we asked them about it. The dark-haired lady quickly pointed to her friend and told us it was ‘her’ idea.

    The red-headed one (both women were in town for business) claimed that it was HER mother that always told her grown kids that this was an easy to made holiday gift-buying quick and simple.

    “Get them something they WANT; something they NEED; something to WEAR; something to READ.”

    We were impressed. Just four little words, yet so very SMART!

    We thought how easy this would shopping for handcrafted gifts inside the gallery. So we thought we share with you…

    A Simple Handcrafted Gift Giving Philosophy: Want, Need, Wear, Read


    Frankly, here at Mountain Made, we feel that ALL art, whether it be an artisan piece of jewelry to a fine art painting or sculpture, should fulfill a want…it should be purchased because you enjoy how it speaks to your heart and mind.

    Or you just apprecicate how it looks.

    By Brian Monteleone

    Hand craved Koi Fish By Brian Monteleone


    Okay, we admit it you might or might not NEED barware but nothing can make a mini-bar or beverage table stand out while like these handcrafted items:

    Handblown Glass “Tipsy” Tumblers & Pitchers by Terri Sigler

    And of course we have to mention that Jason Probstein will inside the gallery every Thursday thru Saturday this holiday seasoning giving live glass blowing demonstrations.

    Ceramic Sake & Wine Decanters by Elizabeth Foley


    Handcrafted Artisan Silver & Coppery Jewelry by Candy Emerson

    “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry” ~ Unknown

    As most women know, a strong piece of jewelry can a make even the most simple of outfits look elegant. The right piece of jewelry can completely change the look of what you wear and how you feel.

    So we invite you to come by our gallery to view some of the best handcrafted jewelry artists in and around the Asheville area.


    “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

    Mountain Made always has a great selection of fiction and nonfiction books by local authors and writers.

    Two new editions to this wonderful collection are a non-fiction book by Sue Wasserman and a new novel by Celia Miles.

    “A Moment’s Notice”


    Photographer and freelance writer Sue Wasserman says “Nature blows me away with its beauty and its lessons. “A Moment’s Notice” is my way of sharing the magic.”


    “The Body at StarShine Mill”


    A Marcy Dehanne Grist Mill Mystery by Celia H. Miles

    “Flush off the first successful project of her second career that offered the unexpected surprise of a dead body, ex-college teacher, Marcy Dehanne, undaunted, sets off to restore yet another old mill in western North Carolina…”

    So if you are in the downtown Asheville area, then we invite you drop by Mountain Made and check out we can help you simplify your gift giving list.

  5. Handcrafted Silver Jewelry by Asheville Artist Candy Emerson

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    handcrafted silver jewelry

    Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

    Silversmith and jewelry designer Candy Emerson says, “Handcrafting jewelry makes me smile!

    Look at the titles of career self-help books and the message is to follow your passion, do what you love and determine the color of your parachute.

    So, I moved to the beautiful Asheville, NC area, set up a jewelry workshop and determined that my favorite parachute color is the next one.”

    “When I look at a striking or interesting landscape, flower, leaf, animal, dragonfly or architectural detail, I am inspired to think about how it will translate into a piece of jewelry.


    Inside the Artist Studio with Candy Emerson



    As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

    When I was a child I thought, I want to grow up to be a famous artist.

    When did you first realize you wanted to be an artist?

    I always knew that I wanted to be doing something creative. What I didn’t realize growing up was that there are so many ways to be creative!

    Candy Emerson

    How long does it take you to create one of your pieces?

    The process of creating the design can come together very quickly, or it may be a process that evolves in the back of my mind. The final design sometimes pops into my brain while I am working on other projects, driving in my car or while I am asleep.

    What is your schedule like when you are working?

    I am typically in my workshop every day during the week. Before I shut it down at the end of the day, I decide what I will work on the next day. But, since I have a beautiful and demanding shop cat, every day begins and ends with making sure that she is happy!

    What would you say is your interesting quirk while working?

    While I work in my shop, I have audio entertainment. The entertainment may be listening to an audiobook, which means I typically have to back it up several times, because I am making too much noise to hear it the first…. or second time. Or, I may be playing rock ‘n roll music…, which means I am either singing along, or have dance breaks… or both!

    Where do you get your ideas or inspiration for your artwork?

    The inspiration for my work comes from all directions. It may be the shape and design or color of a stone, an architectural feature, anything in nature or looking at other artistic creations that inspire an idea of my own.

    What do you like to do when you are not working on your art?

    I love spending time with my husband, my cats and friends, talking a walk or practicing yoga.

    Experience is the Key

    How many pieces do you think you have created?

    I have never stopped to think about how many pieces I have created, and it would be a wild guess. So, I will say about 300.



    Every piece that I create is my favorite at the time I am creating it. It may not be the most “fun” to create due to the technical challenges, but I do enjoy the pieces. I find myself smiling at the ones that are more whimsical, like the hand colored metal owls and cats.

    How do you decide which ideas to develop?

    There are definitely more designs in my head and in my sketchbook than I work on. It may not be that I choose one over the other, but more the fact of which one pops into my head when I step into the workshop. I may also just be in the mood to work with one technique over another, which will determine which idea I choose.

    Do you hear from your fans? What kinds of things do they say?

    I really enjoy doing demos in the store and participating in Arts Festivals, so that I can get direct feedback from the public because typically the comments that I get are that my designs are creative, beautiful, unique and organic. This feedback inspires me to keep working every day to live up to the comments.

    What do you think makes good art?

    Art and design is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. For me good art attracts my eye and forces me to linger and appreciate it.