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Fine Art Paintings by Jo Ridge Kelley

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"Crabtree Falls" by Jo Ridge Kelley

Fine Art Originals – Oil Paintings by Jo Ridge Kelley

Mountain Made art gallery welcomes Jo Ridge Kelley as its featured artist for the summer of 2016.  The gallery will be hosting a series of artist demonstrations given by Ms. Kelley from June until November 2016.

Fine Art Paintings - By Jo Ridge Kelley

Ms. Kelley is well-known in the state and regional art community for her expressive plein air and studio landscapes and abstractions from nature.

She has works in private and corporate collections all across the globe and has often been featured in American fine art magazines over the years. (more…)

Unique Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

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Unique  Jewelry Gift Ideas that She’ll Love!

Here at Mountain Made, we take great pride in showcasing some the best arts and crafts pieces to be found here in Western North Carolina. And our selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry is no exception.


What is an Art Walk? Asheville Downtown Art Walks Explained

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What is an Asheville Art Walk?

What is an Art Walk?

Just about any size city, town or hamlet, nowadays has an art walk of some kind. And the Asheville Downtown Art Walk is no different.

An Art Walk is self-guided and self-paced tour of small businesses or organizations that specialize in local arts and crafts.

An Art Walk can be held monthly, annually or quarterly. It can be run by organized local galleries, by a chamber of commerce or with just a handful of merchants banding together.

What is an Art Walk?


The Southern Conference Basketball Tourney is Here in Asheville!

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Things to do during the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament

Southern Conference Basketball Tourney

Southern Conference Basketball Tourney

The Southern Conference Basketball Tourney starts Friday here in Asheville NC.  If you live out of town and haven’t made arrangements, it might be too late to catch a game!

But don’t worry, you can always go shopping!

For the many SoCon basketball fans who will be visiting our little “haven in the hills”, we here at Mountain Made invite you to drop by our gallery during breaks between games and see what our local artisans have to offer.

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Basket Weaving Artists – Asheville’s Matt Tommey Transforms Kudzu

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Basket Art & Kudzu Weaving by Asheville artist Matt Tommey

To most Southerners the kudzu plant is an ecological nightmare. Kudzu is a group of climbing, perennial vines that are native to much of Southeast Asia, and some Pacific islands.

Transplanted here in North Carolina during the 1930s and 40s as way for farmers to stop soil erosion, this coiling, trailing vine quickly spread out of control.

Since then this powerful and pervasive vine, well hated for its relentless growth rate (nicknamed “foot-a-night”) has been a huge problem.

Also called “The Vine that Ate the South” since kudzu vines have been known to cover up and choke hillsides, native shrubs, trees, empty buildings and derlict cars with equal abandon.

Which why the Kudzu baskets created by artist Matt Tommey seem so appealing to many people who have seen the destructive power of these vines. (more…)

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