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What is an Art Walk? Asheville Downtown Art Walks Explained

What is an Art Walk?

Just about any size city, town or hamlet, nowadays has an art walk of some kind. And the Asheville Downtown Art Walk is no different.

An Art Walk is self-guided and self-paced tour of small businesses or organizations that specialize in local arts and crafts.

An Art Walk can be held monthly, annually or quarterly. It can be run by organized local galleries, by a chamber of commerce or with just a handful of merchants banding together.

What is an Art Walk?

Asheville Art Walk & April Artists Party at Mountain Made

Asheville Artist Party & April Art Walk at Mountain Made

To paraphrase one of my favorite Ricky Nelson songs “I went to a artist party to reminisce with my old friends. A chance to share old memories and play our songs again…”

While we admit we won’t be doing much singing (although will be live music) Mountain Made would like invite you to come by the gallery this coming Friday evening and visit with our local craftspeople and artisans during our Spring Artist Party.

UPDATE: check out some of the pictures we took at the April Artist Party…

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St. Patrick’s Day Pinch?

Wear Green or Get Pinched? While we won’t pinch you if don’t wear green when you come into the store today, we invite you to check out some lovely green ceramic wall-hanging vases we just got in. (They are so new, we haven’t had time to get any photos yet!)

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Good Reads for Bad Days – Can reading really chill you out?

Read Books & Chill Out! Are you stressed out? Stress can come from many different sources: it can be from long cycles of bad weather, personal hard times or just the everyday struggle of making a living. But don’t despair,according to a story in the Telegraph “Research conducted in 2009 at Mindlab International at the […]

Death in the Delta by Asheville Author Molly Walling

Uncovering a Mississippi Family Secret A non-fiction book about the shooting death of two returning black soldiers on the Mississippi Delta just after World War II and the suspected involvement of her own weekly newspaper editor father, a returning bomber pilot, during a time of roiling change in the deep South. Growing up, Molly Walling […]

The Idea Of America by Asheville Writer Bill Jamison

Are Our Principles Eroding or Enduring? “The Idea of America” offers a message of hope from a granddaddy to his grandchildren. It expresses both pride and frustration in the work of his generation, and challenges all of us to stand resolute in our daily efforts to improve upon our successes and transform our failures. This […]