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American Craft Week Events: Things to Come See & Enjoy at the Mountain Made Art Gallery

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American Craft Week Events: Jo_Ridge_Kelley_Demonstrationz

American Craft Week Events: (Oct 1-16) begins on Saturday!

This will be the 7th annual American Craft Week (ACW), a 16-day event which was created to celebrate the skills and artistry of American craftsmen and their work.

Once again, Mountain Made will be a proud sponsor of ACW here in Western North Carolina (WNC). And the artisans at MOUNTAIN MADE are getting into the spirit of things by helping us host several live art demonstrations during the upcoming weeks.

Dozens of places in the Blue Ridge area will be involved in this event celebration either by offering workshops or showcasing the works of local artists and hosting live demonstrations.

American Craft Week Events

What is American Craft Week?

Melinda Knies, owner of Mountain Made says, “American Craft Week is much more than just a way to promote individual artists or small art retailers – it is also a love of handcrafted arts and crafts.  And a deep belief in the future American enterprises…”

Mrs. Knies goes on to say, “…The “Made in American” movement is a growing trend of discerning people who want to enrich and beautify their homes and work spaces with locally produced and handcrafted artwork – pieces that reflect both the unique creative designs and the quality of our American craftsmen.”

“Not to mention it’s becoming cool to buy things you know are ‘Made in America’ again!” she said.

“During American Craft Week we will be highlighting Jo Ridge Kelley’s beautiful oil paintings.”

American Craft Week Events - Jo Ridge Kelley Fine Art Paintings

Below are the dates and times of the live art demos/activities we recommend that you check out…


Ceramic Indoor Nativity Scenes (Sets)

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indoor nativity scenes sets

Indoor Nativity Sets (Christmas Manger Scenes)

by Sondra Hastings

These indoor Nativity sets let you bring the magic and wonder of Christmas into your home, or office. The “starter” set includes just Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

What is a nativity scene or set? 

According to Wikipedia,

“Nativity scenes exhibit figures representing the infant Jesus, his mother Mary, and Joseph. Other characters from the nativity story such as shepherds and sheep, and angels may be displayed near the manger in a barn (or cave) intended to accommodate farm animals, as described in the gospels of Luke. (more…)

A Labor of Love: a “No Talent Required” Interactive Art Project

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No Talent Required

We will be doing one of our “No Talent Required” Interactive Art Project: “A Labor of Love” all during this holiday weekend.

Open to children of all ages, we invite you and your family to come by Mountain Made Saturday, Sunday & Monday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM and make a “Labor of Love” note card can carry a bit of the mountains home.

Checkout some the great thumb artwork our gallery visitors have made…



And here is a special shout-out art student, Mary Workman of Greensboro, NC.

Plant Pounding Quilt Art by Bonnie Lucas

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Plant & Flower Pounding Art Quilts

Asheville quilting artist Bonnie Lucas’s new article ‘Plant Pounding with a Twist’ showcases both her teaching expertise and her wonderful artwork.

Bonnie’s article on plant pounding that was published in the May issue of “American Quilter”. “American Quilter” is the premier magazine for quilting and fiber arts in the US.

Here at Mountain Made, we pride ourselves on sharing with you some of the most unique art in Western North Carolina.  As a result we are happy to present a short video on Bonnie’s work.


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