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Planting & Gardening by the Signs

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Using a Garden Almanac to Plant by the Signs – Local Book Shows You How

Since prehistoric times, mankind has been using the phases of the moon and weather signs to plant and harvest crops.

According to Wikipedia this is a form of astrology named “Agricultural astrology” or as it is commonly called here in the South “planting by moon”.

In a nutshell, planting by the signs is what some gardeners, even commercial farmers, believe is a system where various plants do better (grow faster and produce more crops) when seeded, cultivated and harvested during certain moon phases and astrological signs.

Now there are few studies and very little scientific research to back up this ancient system but that has not stopped generations of gardeners from wanting to know how to use their almanacs and struggling to understand when to plant by the moon signs.

And yes, we admit that “planting by the signs” might seem a little out there for some folks, but many good Southern mothers have swore by their farmer’s almanac and planting by the signs!

With that in mind, MOUNTAIN MADE has a wonderful gardening book written by local authors and long time gardening experts – Jack R. Pyle and Taylor Reese.

Pyle and Reese wrote about on this fascinating topic, in their book “Raising with the Moon: the complete guide to gardening and living by the signs of the Moon” (more…)

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Got a moment? We need a quick favor…

Hey, just wanted to let you know that it’s time to vote again!

No, we’re not talking politics, silly!

Once a year, thousands of local residents and out-of-town visitors vote to celebrate what’s the best and brightest about Asheville’s arts and craft community.

I wanted to ask for your help in raising more votes for Asheville as a “Top Town for Craft Lovers” >

This contest is an annual contest held by the American Craft Week organization to give art-loving towns and cities like Asheville a chance to shine as a destination for fine American crafts and arts.

Asheville has made the top 10 list for the past 2 years but by a pitiful showing…Last year Asheville came in 7th place – we received only 343 total votes!!

This is where the quick favor comes in…

Do you love Asheville’s arts and crafts?

If so, just let the world know by voting for us in the “America’s Top 10 Towns for Craft Lovers’ contest >

The good news is that you can vote every day until April 16, 2017.

What is an Asheville Art Walk?

What is an Asheville Art Walk?

“What is the Downtown Asheville Art District’s

Art Walk About?”

What is an Art Walk?

Just about any size city, town or hamlet, nowadays has an art walk of some kind. And the Asheville Downtown Art Walk is no different.

An Art Walk is basically a self-guided and self-paced tour of small studios, galleries or organizations that specialize in showcasing local arts and crafts.

An Art Walk can be held monthly, annually or quarterly.

It can be run by an association of small galleries, by a chamber of commerce or with just a handful of local merchants banding together.

What is an Art Walk?


Unique Playing Cards You Would Will Want to Keep Rather than Play With

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New! Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Deck

Unique Playing Cards

Great Cosmic Happy Ass Playing Cards

Unique Playing Cards by Diane English

According to Wikipedia playing cards gave been around for over 1100 years now. They have changed considerably since then. Different variations of decks have been created, yet what we recognize as a “regular deck of cards” hasn’t changed much for a while.

But the unique playing cards created by local artist and humorist, Diane English are not your momma’s ordinary deck of bridge cards.

Asheville artist Diane English is a self-taught graphic artist and illustrator who, at midlife, threw caution to the wind to follow her dream of combining art with her spiritual path. And so began her Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Company!

Card Night Will Never Be the Same Again

Be the first one on card night to introduce a new, and totally hysterical way to play all your favorite card games from Blackjack to Poker; Pinochle to Crazy Eights; from Gin Rummy to Hearts.

Each specialty card deck has 52 different and original designs based on Diane’s bestselling Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card illustrations. These playing cards or laugh-out-loud funny, inspiring and definitely outrageous.

An entirely new spin of playing cards worth talking about and sharing.

 Mountain Made will be hosting a Great Cosmic Happy Ass Playing Card ‘Game’ here at the gallery on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 11AM-5PM.  

We invite you to come by our downtown Asheville NC gallery (get directions) and play a hand or two of Blackjack, Solitaire, Hearts, Crazy Eights, Bluff, Poker or Bridge.


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