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Mountain Made Asheville Artist Profile: Carla & Greg Filippelli

Business/Studio: Asheville, NC

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Bio/Artist Statement

The inspiration for all of our creations from the very beginning has been the endless acts of creation of/by Mother Nature.  Our first focus, in 1979 was extracting colors from the many dye plants of WNC.  This extraction and the process of dying fibers and reeds opened our eyes to the hidden secrets within the natural world.

After many years of traditional Appalachian basketry and using patters of all kinds, we discovered the weavers within nature.  The animals that do not use easily recognizable patterns were our guides and teachers.

We watched spiders and birds at work, particularly the weaver birds; we observed beavers weave their logs into dams and noticed the tiniest mouse nest was woven from soft, found materials.  Suddenly we were free from traditional patterns; our work reflected this immediately and has never been the same.  We believe Nature’s randomness holds many patterns, as days weave the seasons into the fabric of time, so we weave out baskets.



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