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Artists: A to Z

Bahia Abrams

jill adams

kimberly anderson

Amy Allen

Frank argento

Alicia Armstrong

sherry austin

Artemus Autlav

james barr

Susan Barrett

Marsha balbier

hayley bauman

Jim Beghtol

Linda bellino

Joy Bennett

Pattie Best

phil & veda bickley

dick biggins

alberta blazina

Jamie Frank Boccardy

maud boleman

charlie brown

deanna buell

Faith Butterfield

Ginny Callaway

Nancy Sales Cash

leon cassada

jim caskowski

James Chandler

Dielle Ciesco

sheri cohan

ronno cooke

mike cowan

Benjamin Crofoot

Susan Davis

Laura and Ken DeWeese

catalina diBiase

nancy dillingham

olga dorenko

monroe drake

sandy edmonds

diane english

wayne erbsen

donna germano

charles gershon

phoebe gibbs

tina glenn

Laurel Gordon

terri godfrey

karyn gould

katherine graham

bob grytten

robert c. gunther

judi harwood

sondra hastings

Richard Hills

Keri Kelley Hollifield

david holt

William Hunter

Bill Jamieson

Lisa joerling

jackie jones

Madeleine kay

Erin Keane

polly kent

Jamie King

Jem Klein

edwin knies

pam knies

ronald knight

Mary Carol Koester

jim kransberger

David Lamoureaux

julie larson

jesse lee

Treska Lindsey

kathy lightcap

jill love

(Mama) ruth Llowery

Deborah Lloyd

bonnie lucas

mary e mason

tamara matthews

sharon mccollum

celia miles

lynette miller

cathy mitchell

donnabeth mitchell

Brian Monteleone

bill mosher

michael murphy

stuart nye

charlie parker

don pedi

christopher perryman

mary phoenix

pegi pike

Robert pike

carl pittman

lorraine plaxico

jerald pope

tom pressley

jason probstein

cameron proctor

Jack Pyle

judy b. quinn

gayle ray

Milton Ready

Taylor Reese

lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine (Lisa Ring)

Kim Rody

kim ross

carl & jean saake

Jennifer Salak


Robert F. Seven

brian shope

Terri Sigler

steve and ruth smith

Chris Sparks

elke spirakis

georganna spruce

anne stafford

kate stockman

Kaaren Stoner

barbara swell

judy tanner

kim thompson

Lori Theriault

Sally Timmel-gammons

matt tommy

Tadashi Torii

frank tuuri

cindy vanderwart

constance vlahoulis

jane voorhees

Molly Walling

patti waltz

Bill Wanezek

nalan weaver

edwin h. weaver, jr.

edwin "Mr. Eddie" weaver

cheryl whitt

william whittel

Appalachian Music and Literature

We offer a fine collection of with traditional Appalachian music and literature, preserving our mountain heritage, as well as a host of both comtemporary fiction and non-fiction. Our local authors' books cover the range from Appalachian history to pioneer cooking and vintage cookbooks to modern novels as well as the most interesting selections from Western North Carolina's metaphysical and self improvement communities.

Our regional musicians have long expanded beyond just the traditional Appalachian music they are so rightly famous for. Many of our represented artists make various contemporary recordings that are heard on national television, public radio as well as Sirius and XM radio channels.

Please take a moment to browse a complete selection of our local authors and musicians at our online book and music store.

Local authors
a to z
Bahia Abrams Asheville NC Bahia Abrams was born in Brooklyn, NY, to parents of Syrian Jewish heritage. She received her degree in journalism from the University of Maryland, and for many years worked in Washington, DC. She lives with her husband in the mountains of western NC. Website: N/A

Amy Allen Asheville NC Amy transports the reader into the forest, giving the armchair hiker a glimpse into a world of coyotes, butterflies, birds and bears, sharing her determination and frustration as she makes her way from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. This is a story about what it means to embrace challenge in our lives—a story about change. Website:

Sherry Austin flat rock NC As an award-winning writer, Sherry has expressed her creative talents in both fiction and literary nonfiction. The author of four books, she is fascinated by after-life beliefs and mankind's search for meaning. It has been said about her work, "The great thing about Austin is how deftly she juggles heartbreaking honesty with subtle Southern-fried humor..." Her writing has also been called "humorous, tender, and uplifting." Website:
Hayley Bauman, Psy. D. etowah NCHayley is a licensed clinical psychologist and published author. Her latest book "Serendipity and the Search for True Self" - takes you on a whimsical, yet practical journey to a land where spirituality is infused into even the most mundane of daily tasks. Full of inspirational anecdotes and down-to-earth humor, this work is a warm-hearted travel companion for anyone on the winding road of self discovery. Website:

Ginny Callaway Fairview NC Author Ginny Callaway, whose ten-year-old daughter Sara Jane died in a car accident, draws on her own experience and the stories of people she interviewed, whose loved ones died. They have lived through grief and know first hand what comforts and what hurts. Here are the honest answers you’ve been looking for. Website: Ginny Callaway

Nancy Sales Cash Asheville NC Author Nancy Cash is an experienced writer and published novelist. Nancy has had several of her books published by while living in Australia. One of her books ‘Patterns of the Heart’ was once optioned by an international film production company. But her newest novels are a series cozy mystery novels full of "Southern-Fried Romps" set in the funny world of community 'theatre'. Website: Nancy Sales Cash

Dielle Ciesco Asheville NC Dielle Ciesco specializes in the transformational power of the voice to heal and connect us with out own Divinity, Creator of Vocal Toning Mediation. Shamanic Voice work, and Toning for Peace, she blends her experiences in vocal toning, meditation, and shamanism to assist clients in discovering a deeper connection to their inner truth and wisdom. Website:

Nancy Dillingham asheville NCWriter and educator Nancy Dillingham is a sixth-generation Dillingham from Big Ivy in western North Carolina. Her poems, short stories, and commentary have appeared in many regional literary journals and newspapers such as the Raleigh News & Observer and our own Asheville Citizen Times. She is the author of seven books of short stories and poems that are available at select locations in the Smokey Mountain region. Website: n/a | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog

Wayne Erbsen Native Ground Books & Music, Asheville NCWayne moved to North Carolina in 1975 from his home on the West Coast to learn more about the roots of Southern Appalachian music from the masters. His music books are a gateway to traditional old-time Appalachian and bluegrass music. After teaching music for 40 years, Wayne has figured out how to make things simple, so struggling beginners can learn to play clawhammer banjo, bluegrass banjo, old-time fiddle, mandolin, dulcimer and guitar. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog
Charles Gershon Asheville NCThis local author has a new novel out, Slow Funeral. Synopsis - "Fate stamped Jack Cain’s dance card fifteen years before his birth. His father, a staff photographer with Patton’s Third Army in March of 1945, stumbled upon a place near the German town of Worms: a children’s camp known as Camp Rainbow on the former grounds of Hausser Pharmaceutical. Here he found and photographed young Gypsies, Slavs, Poles, and Jews--the untermensch—being treated to comforts enjoyed only by privileged Germans. When he returned two weeks later, the camp had become a ghost town..." Website:
Bill Jamieson Asheville NC Bill Jamieson’s career has included leadership positions in business, government, religion and education. He currently serves as president of the Micah Institute, a non-profit organization focused on prayer and prophetic action. Bill resides in Asheville, NC. Website:

Madeleine Kay flat rock NCConsidered America ’s leading expert on serendipity, Madeleine Kay brings the wisdom, passion and playfulness of serendipity sprinkled with her own unique brand of practical, down-to-earth common sense to help people get, claim and enjoy the joy and riches they desire. her books Serendipitously Rich and Living Serendipitously are best sellers; and she is considered to be an unconventional success and motivation coach, maverick entrepreneur. Her latest book: "Serendipitously Rich: How to Get Delightfully, Delectably, Deliciously Rich (or Anything Else You Want) in 7 Ridiculously Easy Steps" is now available. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog
Polly Kent asheville NCPolly Kent is a former newspaper columnist and local author of two deeply-rooted historical novels with imaginative and inspiring spiritual themes. Earth's Only Paradise begins in 1621 - the story of a woman who finds in Virginia, the missing parts to the puzzle her life has become: spiritual enlightenment, purpose, fulfillment . A Coat for a Soldier is based on George Washington’s plea that women of America make coats for his soldiers. Website:
David Lamoureaux flat Rock NC

Life coach and author David Lamoureaux; has assisted thousands of people with their quest for reemployment, career development and personal growth over the past 20 years. His book “Recycling Your Past” is written for anyone raised in an abusive or alcoholic or non-supportive or dysfunctional environment. The book is for those who want a second chance to make some sense out of the confusion and pain suffered during childhood and find the peace they deserve.Website:

Treska Lindsey flat Rock NC

Treska Gevaert was born in 1924 in Sint Martens Latem, Belgium, the seventh of eleven children During the Nazi invasion they fled their home towards the Pyrenee region of France where they survived as lumberjacks and farmhands.  Postwar Treska married Bob Lindsey and they settled in the mountains of NC. There they built their home from field stones and raised their four children.  In 1985 she started writing wonderful children’s books such as “How Batistine Made Bread” drawing from her life experiences.

Deborah Lloyd Asheville NC Deborah is a licensed clinical social worker and works with a hospice agency in Asheville, NC. She is a Usui and Karuna Reiki master incorporating shamanic intuitive techniques into her Reiki sessions. Additionally, he is a certified holistic Therapy Practitioner. Her loving, compassionate spirit emanates her first book. Website:

Celia Miles Asheville NCLocal writer Celia Miles is a native of Appalachia, born in Western North Carolina, and, except for brief stints in Massachusetts and Virginia, plus college in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, has lived here all her life. Her novels Her novels are A Thyme for Love, ThymeTable Mill, Mattie’s Girl: An Appalachian Childhood, Sarranda, and (in 2010) Journey to Stenness. Two short story collections are On a Slant: A Collection of Stories and Islands One and All: Stories and Otherwise. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog

Cathy Mitchell asheville NCCathy Mitchell is a Pulitzer Prize winner and journalism professor. Her latest work is a novel about animal rescue. "Save a Spaniel" tells the story of a dog dropped at an animal shelter and in danger of euthanasia. The dog walks through many lives as she learns to work with people and finally finds a role as a therapy dog in a nursing home. The personal knowledge for this book comes from advanced dog obedience classes and from Cathy's personal work as a volunteer with Boykin Spaniel Rescue. Website: n/a
Jerald Pope Swannanoa NC

A writer and illustrator of wonderful children’s books, Jerald Pope lives in the small community of Swannanoa with his wife Rebecca, and their dog, Rusty. Jerald says, “Through the cold, snuggle-down days of winter - you and a child and a memorable book will build memories that will outlast any electronic event.”

Jack Pyle Spruce Pine NC

Jack Pyle was born in the Appalachia of southeastern Ohio, reared in the South, and in love with the mountains.  Jack brings a new perspective to Southern novels.  His books stretch from the folklore of the “moon signs.” To the piney flats of Florida, to the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Don’t expect his books to be alike.  He is a storyteller, as his grandfather was, so his tales are reality fabricated from the whole cloth.


Milton Ready Mars Hill NC Milton Ready is a retired professor of history living quietly in the mountains of western NC near Mars Hill. An author of numerous works on NC and Georgia history, he also has received thee. Merton Coulter for the writing of Georgia history. He also is the author of The Tar Heel State: A History of North Carolina, the standard reader for NC history, of Remembering Asheville, Land of the Sky and Mystical Madison. Website:

Taylor Reese Spruce Pine NC

Taylor Reese grew up on a farm in Bertie County, NC. He has chopped tobacco, looped it and cured it; he has sold Clovertine Salve; he has taken piano lessons at fifty cents a week; he has experienced life on a farm when there was no tractor and farm life was uncomplicated, when a man’s word was his bond; and when prayer in school held no controversy. His books are pulled from life experience.

Chris Sparks Team Cul De Sac, asheville NCWhen 2011’s Cartoonist of the Year, Richard Thompson (the mastermind behind the comic strip Cul De Sac) was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, his friend local web designer, Chris Sparks rallied over 120 cartoonists to help raise funds for research into a cure for Parkinson's. This grassroots group of both local and world famous cartoonists aptly named called “Team Cul De Sac” (along with Chris’s leadership and editing skills) developed the book, “Team Cul De Sac – Cartoonists Draw The Line at Parkinson’s”. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog
Georganna Spruce Asheville NC

In her memoir “Awakening to the Dance”, Georganna Spruce, shares her journey to find an authentic identity, creative expression, and a meaningful spiritual life. She says, “Dance is the metaphor I use for our spiritual journey through life, for it has always been at the center of who I am.”

Barbara Swell Native Ground Books & Music, asheville NCIn 1995 Barbara was encouraged (or goaded to hear her tell it) by her spouse to write down some of the pioneer recipes and cooking techniques she had collected during her many years of self-taught trial and error. Her 8 historic cookbooks contain pioneer recipes, kitchen wisdom and sayings, romantic advice, and cooking secrets from rural women now in their eighties and nineties who grew up using wood cookstoves in the southern mountains. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog

Molly Walling Asheville NC Molly Walling is adjunct writing instructor at University of NC Asheville. She was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Death in the Delta is part detective story, part family lore, and part history of a time and place where an American tragedy unfolded in secret. A powerful story. Website:

appalachian musicians
a to z
James Barr James Barr-Solo Classical Guitar Stylist, asheville NCJames has played professionally since his early teen years, in styles ranging from swing, classical, folk, jazz, rock, theater, blues and even square dance. For the past 7 years James has devoted his efforts to developing a unique style of performing all genres of music on classical guitar. He gives live performances at private occasions, corporate functions, and public events including weddings and elegant dining venues. Website: | Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog

Wayne Erbsen asheville NC Wayne is a master of a number of styles of music including old-time, bluegrass, folk, traditional, cowboy, pioneer, railroad, gospel and music of the Civil War. He has recorded eighteen solo CDs and written twenty-five instruction and song books. His music has been selected to be distributed by NPR’s Wireless Catalog; and many of Wayne’s recordings have been included on numerous educational interactive CDs including American Heritage’s CD of the Civil War and Microsoft’s Encarta 2004. Website:

Donna Germano Classic Touch Music, asheville NCDonna performs concerts with hammered dulcimer and classical pedal harp and Celtic harp as a soloist and with various ensembles - appearing regularly at the Biltmore House and Grove Park Inn in Asheville. She also gives live performances at weddings, corporate events and concerts throughout the southeastern US. And has recorded 7 CD's of Celtic and Classical music performances including Christmas and World music. Website:

David Holt Asheville NCIn 1968, David found his life’s works in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. With a passion to become an old-time banjo player, David traveled to remote mountain communities like Kingdom Come, Kentucky and Sodom Laurel, North Carolina searching for the best traditional musicians. Nestled within these quiet communities found hundreds of old-time mountaineers with a wealth of folk music, stories and wisdom. For over three decades, David has been sharing his passion for the traditional music he discovered in his CDs and recordings. Website:

Don Pedi Grapevine Productions, marshall NCFor over thirty years Don has amazed and delighted audiences with his unique "Fiddle-Pick" style of playing the dulcimer. Heralded as a "master instrumentalist" and "virtuoso" - he has won numerous competitions, appeared with music legends, and recorded more than 11 music CDs and workshop DVDs. The sound of the old tunes being played on the dulcimer offers not only good listening, but an element of a musical heritage that has been passed on for generations..
| Read More: About this Artist on Our Blog

Steve and Ruth Smith Cabin Cove Music, Zionville NCSteve's and Ruth's music has been described as "the soul of mountain music and the gentle grace of mountain air". Both were born within the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and they play a unique blend of Celtic Appalachian music featuring hammered dulcimer, guitar, and claw hammer banjo. These two have been playing together for over 30 years and are often heard on XM and Sirius Radio. They were 2009 nominees in JPF International Music Awards, the world's largest awards for independent musicians. Website:

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