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About Mountain Made Gallery

Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in downtown Asheville, NC, we have worked hard to make MOUNTAIN MADE into one of the finest art galleries and handcraft gift shops in the city.

Featuring the work of more than 150 master craftsmen and professional artists, the gallery offers an eclectic mix of art created from clay, wood, glass, textiles, fibers, metals, native stone, gemstones, beads, canvas, paper, paints, watercolors, and pen and ink.

Why is the MOUNTAIN MADE art gallery so different? We specialize in supporting only those writers, artists and master craftsmen who live and work in the towns and communities in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

While other area galleries may brag on the size of their square footage or how famous their out-of-town artwork may be, we here at MOUNTAIN MADE showcase only what we consider to be the best from our locally talented jewelers, potters, woodworkers, glassworkers, designers, quilters, weavers and mixed media artists.

All of our arts and crafts are handcrafted and using authentic materials, to create a one-of-a-kind collection of both contemporary mountain crafts and traditional Southern folk art.

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MOUNTAIN MADE is a privately owned art gallery, run and operated by Melinda Knies. MOUNTAIN MADE is proud to support the entrepreneurial development of arts and crafts in our Southern Appalachian Mountains by displaying only artwork from some of the best regional artisans, writers and musicians from the Asheville and WNC area.

Mrs. Knies loves working with all creative individuals and professional artisans who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs and she believe that people should be able to create a better life for themselves and their families through the application of their artist talents.   Mrs. Knies believes that artisan-based enterprises create long-term social benefits and solid economic prosperity, particularly in our Western North Carolina communities. 

Mountain Made Art Gallery Principles
MOUNTAIN MADE celebrates the artisans and entrepreneurs of Western North Carolina by creating a viable marketplace for regionally produced arts and crafts while promoting social responsibility and economic prosperity for both individuals and our local communities.

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